I have never heard of Metal Prints. What are they?


Large Metal Prints

are high quality, limited edition metal prints that have incredible visual depth and luminosity, giving the print an almost backlit feel! You have never seen more brilliant color – the image almost jumps off of the metal and brightens any space. No cords or light bulb needed – these prints are so vibrant that they pick up the natural lighting of an area and transfer it through the image. (Note that large metals are more vibrant in well lit areas.)

These prints are durable, will not bend, and come ready to hang. They are manufactured right here in Iowa! I would not recommend putting them out in the rain or snow, but they will hold up to the elements, so they can make a vibrant addition to your sunroom or front porch. All metal prints are matte finished, so you don’t have to worry about a hard glossy glare if you have your print hanging in a well lit area.

On Large Metal Prints, a support bar is attached to larger prints to prevent warping. All Large Metal Prints come with an aluminum standout mount that floats your print one inch off of the wall and is ready to hang!


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