A Note from jenna:

I grew up on a dairy farm in the hills of northeast Iowa, and I was always in love with the beautiful scenery around me. I could go find beauty elsewhere, but I always had that pull to come back home. I loved my family, the landscape, and the close-knit community. Needless to say, I never stayed away for long. Now, I’m raising my own family in these same hills!

My mom has always told me, “If I could paint like that, I would try to find a way to share it.” Now, I have my husband and kids intrigued by my art as well. It may have taken 15 years, but I’m finally to a point where I feel that I can share my art with you and follow my dreams!

I started Paint & Pixels because I want to share the beauties of this world with others. Whether it is a vacation you were on or the countryside where you grew up, I hope my art brings wonderful feelings to your heart and intrigues you. I hope it pulls you in and allows you to “get lost” for a moment or two.

As an artist, I love to play with color – maybe that’s because I see things differently through my eyes. Many times, when I look back at photos, they just don’t do the original scene justice. I strive to make my paintings have that extra flair that brings out the true beauty of a subject and really relays how I felt in a given moment.

My first full series is the Eastern Iowa: Balltown series, which features the farms, landscapes, and the fog on the river that I always loved seeing as I rode the bus to school. I am currently working on a Skyscapes of Iowa series and plan to release the first six paintings in May 2019. I have also started an “On the Water” series, the first painting of which is “Horseshoe Bay” – a painting of sailboats that I was inspired to create after a trip to Door County, Wisconsin.

Please follow me on Facebook to see my current works in progress and check back frequently to see new prints and paintings that I have for sale. I do not have a physical store front. If you would like to see my work in person, check out my Art Shows link for a list of shows or contact me directly and we can set up an appointment. For more information, you can contact me at PaintAndPixelsLLC@gmail.com or 563.590.7923.

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